Friday, October 5, 2012

More Favorite Moments

*** spoiler alert ***

We asked the cast what their favorite lines or moments from rehearsal were...

from announcer Doug Shaw

My favorite line is when I get to say...."That's the perennial question,..."  after Ryan asks, "Can't we have this discussion some other time, when you're not PMSing?"

from Jeff Messer (Ryan)

RYAN:  They called her on a Sunday?

Best thing about this whole thing has been the ease an rapport wth the cast.  There is a level of trust required when you have to work fast, not to mention on a new work, and this team had it top to bottom.  I'm lucky to be able to do this acting thing, and luckier to be doing it with the likes of Andrew, Paul, Anna, Doug, Ami and Michael.  All of whom, I would march through the gates of Hell with.  Hell, Michigan, that is.  I'm not a fan of brimstone and hellfire.

from director Michael Lilly

Fav rehearsal moment was when Ryan/Jeff adlibbed "I think that was a dude"! I'm still laughing.

from Paul Trani (Elliot)

Favorite Line:   "...I know EXACTLY what your life is like!"

Favorite moments:  Handling the foam from the "beers" during the kick-off cheer.

Note to future props managers:  warm root beers foam A LOT. 

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