Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Favorite Moments

Steph and I wanted to let the folks in the play get a chance to say either what their favorite memory or line from the play was... so here are some of their responses. More to come...

**** SPOILER ALERT *****

Director Michael Lilly's favorite lines.

ELLIOT:   Mom!  Make me some meatloaf![1]  You know, she gave me the recipe…

MARK:  What?  Why?

ELLIOT:  ‘Cause I asked for it...

[1] Old School

Actress Anna Franklin's favorite lines  (as JESSE):

JESSE:  El-li-ot. I'm sorry! I bet you'd like a Resse's Pieces for every time somebody said that to you, but it had to be done.

Actress Anna Franklin's favorite memories of working on the show:
Loved those nummy smoked ribs you brought!  Delicious! Also loved working with this cast and crew throughout the  whole rehearsal process. Bonus funny surprising moment: After scene one, I reached up to move the airport sign out of sight - the whole  thing fell off its hinge and nearly brained me (but I jumped out of the way).

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