Monday, September 24, 2012

Shout Out: Opening Weekend

It's in the books, sports fans. There will never be another World Premiere opening weekend of this play ever, in the history of the world. With a mixture of bliss, exhaustion, and relief, we bid that a fond adieu.
In my humble, yet completely biased, opinion, it went great. On Saturday night, we had a fantastic, fancy-pants pre-party/tailgate at Ms. Susan Martin's lovely home. It sincerely was one of the best gatherings I've been to and all our best peeps were in attendance. (Minus Ol' Scotty P. who, in the bitterest of ironies, was at an honest to goodness ball game in West Virginia. Life imitating art or something.) There were so many moments to savor that it might take me a while to sort it out in my head. But, suffice it to say that we all had a great time and will always remember it forever.

And the show - what can I say? In a completely biased opinion, it was really, really good. And people laughed. And not just the people who wrote the play. Other people. That was a nice touch. Although there were nerves beforehand - mostly on my part - things came off without any major problems. And so, all props to the cast and crew (again) for their awesomeness. Really.

After it was all said and done, Franco and I enjoyed some quiet time snuggled in bed watching college football highlights and eating hot pockets. That was also a nice touch.

On Sunday afternoon, Ol' Scotty P. accompanied me for his own premiere of the show and he quite liked it himself. And it was terrific to get to see it with him, since his real-life meat conversations and bromances were quite inspirational to the onstage action. After all this time kept in suspense, he gave us serious props and a ringing endorsement. Also a nice touch.

Yes, memory-making stuff indeed. I don't think Britt or I ever will forget the magic of that weekend. And the best part? There are two more weekends to get a chance to experience it! So, choose your choice - "Between the Tackles" at The Parkway Playhouse!
Loved these two guys pretending to scalp tickets outside the show on Saturday night!

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